All About “COVID-17”

The viewer is made up of several components. See below for an outline of each major section. the viewer
Red: The date selector. Scroll up and down to expose the full 90-day range.

Brown: Contains the header and starter text. The “starter text” is the sub-header CBC articles typically contain. This was the prompt used for the GPT-2 generated text. Scrollable.

Blue: The two articles. Scrollable. Healthcare-related words are automatically highlighted to provide a cursory look at differences.

Purple: Various statistics. Similarity is judged by the positioning of certain words. The sentimentality value (“tone”) is judged by the use of adjectives.

Green: The chart shows the relative tone values for all articles, real and fake, over the full period. The higher the column, the more positive the article. The current date is highlighted in red. The columns are selectable!


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